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iPhone 3G Launch Guide

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The Dark Knight isn't the only sequel the world is looking forward to this month. The other sequel I'm talking about is Apple's 2nd generation iPhone which many of you will probably be lining up for tomorrow or already have their iPhone 3G from the various International launches. We thought we would throw together a guide to show you our favorite accessories and other things you should be looking forward to when you get your iPhone 3G. More after the jump.

App Store


Whether you're getting a new iPhone 3G or upgrading to the new firmware, you'll notice a blue icon called the App Store which is basically the iTunes Music Store for your mobile applications. The store will be launching with 500 apps and they cover everything from games to productivity to social networking and much much more. All of these apps can be downloaded via iTunes and synced to your iPhone/iPod Touch, downloaded via Wi-fi, or through the iPhone's new 3G connection (larger apps are unavailable through 3G). Best part of the service are the prices, many of the apps are free and most titles will only be $10. Link:$0-$10

Mobile Me


If you're looking to get Blackberry style services on your iPhone, Mobile Me is without question a definite must have on day one. Mobile Me lets you get push contacts, calendars, and e-mail straight to your iPhone just as you would on an enterprise level service. Mobile Me also gives you access to desktop grade applications such as mail, photo sharing, address book, calendar, and online storage. Link:$100-$150



There are going to be a sea of iPhone cases for you to choose from, fortunately we've got good taste (at least we think we do...) and have picked some of the best choices out there. The two cases to the left are from one of our favorite Apple Accessory makers, Incase, who are introducing their Popular slider and Protective Cover in new colors. Link:$TBD. Two other great options are Speck's PixelSkin, Link:$25 and Vaja's luxurious ivolution SP. Link:$85

Bluetooth Headsets


Two Bluetooth headsets really stick out in our mind that genuinely compliment the iPhone design. The first is the new Jawbone which has a smaller profile and completely new design Link:$130 and Bluetrek's ultra thin Metal earpiece which should go well with the iPhone 3G's sleek new tapered body. Link:$60



Charging on the go is a necessity we all can't go without so if you're going to get just one charge it has to be Incase's 2 in 1 Wall Charger. The charger features a flip up prong for charging through a wall sock and a 12v car charger tip when you're on the road. Link:$40



If you're going to upgrade the earphones/headset Apple gives you in the box, take a look at Bang & Olufsen's Earset 3. These well engineered headphones adjust to just about any ear size and offer great sound as well as an integrated mic. Link:$200

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