HTC's bumps up the resolution and cuts the wires for its Vive Pro headset

The new model gets a 78% increase in resolution.
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HTC Vive Pro

HTC is building on the success of the standard Vive model with an all-new Pro headset that features more resolution, a better fit, and a new option for wireless usage. The 3.5" dual-OLED displays feature 1440 x 1600 per eye for a combined 2880 x 3200 pixels to deliver a sharper image and updated headphones with a built-amplifier allow for a big jump in sound quality. 

Ergonomics and fit have also been greatly improved, but the feature most will be excited about is the wireless adaptor that will keep you from being tethered to your PC. The adaptor uses WiGig technology that delivers an interference-free, low-latency connection and a lithium-ion battery ensures hours of wireless connectivity. 


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