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HP Sprout

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With all the focus on mobile computing it's been awhile since we've seen anything that truly excites us on the desktop side of things. That all changes today with an interesting new device from HP called the Sprout. As you can see, the Sprout ditches the traditional mouse and keyboard configuration for a camera/projector combo that they call the "Illuminator", a touchscreen display, and a "touchmat" that the Illuminator projects a screen onto.

How does it all work? The main display works just as you would expect any touch sensitive surface would, but the real killer app here is how the Illuminator and Touchmat work together. The Illuminator can scan 2D and 3D objects and place them into photos and design apps while the Touchmat acts as your input device and secondary display. The Sprout is powered by a 4th gen Core i7-4790S processor and has 8GBs of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT graphics, 1TB of storage, and a 23" display.

$1,899, HP

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