HP Pavillion HDX - Acquire

HP Pavillion HDX



Hewlett Packard isn't exactly the first company to come to mind when it comes to high end gaming hardware and we were pretty surprised to see them unveil the feature rich HDX. Lets start with the screen which is a tilting hinged 20.1in display that is driven by a 256MB Mobility Radeon HD 2600 XT. On that display you can view hi-def HD-DVD videos and experience them in surround sound with the integrated Altec Lansing speakers and subwoofer. Other features include a 400GB Hard Drive, 4GBs of RAM, dockable media center remote, and just about every i/o port you can imagine, even an HDMI port. Ridiculous? Yes, but that's what makes this computer so awesome. [$TBD]

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