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HP's new Omen X gives you everything you need for an ultimate gaming rig

Built for the next-generation of gaming.
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Omen X Exploded View

Photo: HP

Gamers are a demanding lot when it comes to their hardware, they tend to constantly upgrade and tweak their setups to get the most out of their rig. HP made sure to focus on the customization aspect with their new flagship desktop, the Omen X. This high-powered cube is exposed from all six sides and rests on one edge to maximize airflow and ventilation. 

It also separates all the key components in a "tri-chamber" setup for better cooling and 120mm liquid cooling radiators also help to keep things at the right temperature. As for power, you'll be able to equip it with all the latest and greatest Intel processors and graphics hardware such as dual NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1080 cards and the AMD Radeon R9, which should be more than enough to power all your 4K and VR titles.

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