Hasselblad's newest digital back and camera body are a digital tribute to its analog past - Acquire
Hasselblad CFVII and 907X

Hasselblad is celebrating its past with a new digital back and camera body combo that resembles the company's early cameras. The CFV 50C digital back contains a 50-megapixel medium format sensor with a dynamic range of 14 stops, full-size in-camera JPEG capability, and a touch-enabled tilting display that allows for waist-level shooting. The digital back is also compatible with most V System cameras and the compact, 206g 907X body lets you mount a variety of Hasselblad lenses such as the new XCD lenses and classic HC/HCD, V System, and XPan lenses through an adapter. 

Pricing and availability will be announced later this year.


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