Google introduces Project Fi, its own Mobile Network

The search giant introduces an impressive new alternative to the traditional carrier model.
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Google is taking on the nation's biggest carriers with their new mobile network that they're calling Project Fi. The network aims to give you secure and high-quality Wi-Fi connections that have been verified by Google to not only give you fast data connectivity, but also helps to keep your data bill low.

Google will also be partnering with T-Mobile and Sprint who will provide a unique service that will allow your phone to connect to whichever carrier is providing the best cellular signal. Pricing starts at $20 for what they're calling the "basics" plan which includes unlimited domestic talk and texting, unlimited international texts, low-cost international calls, Wi-Fi hotspot, and coverage in over 120 countries. 

Data will cost $10 per gigabyte and what's really impressive is that price will be the same throughout the 120+ countries where service is available. You also only pay for the data you use. If you only use up 1.5GB in your 2GB plan, you'll be credited back the money for that unused 500 megabytes. And yes, no contract is required. Currently the service is invitation only and is only available for their Nexus 6 smartphone. 

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