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Your next iPhone might not come with a charger so it might be time to look into GaN technology

More power with a minimal footprint.
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Reports have been circulating that the next iPhone (and maybe even the next Galaxy) won't come with a charger in the box and if you ask us, we think it's a good call. It's a lot less wasteful and odds are you have more than a few chargers of your own already. If you don't, you probably should take a hard look at GaN chargers, which swaps out silicon for gallium nitride, a technology that allows for more power in a smaller space. Companies like Anker and RavPower have created chargers that are not only slimmer than Apple's own offerings but are also much more powerful and versatile. Models like the PowerPort Atom III Slim (left -$25) packs 45W of power in a slim hub that also features three standard USB ports while RAVPower's PD Pioneer (right - $39) features 61W of power, which is more than enough to charge a small laptop, let alone a smartphone. /

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