The latest addition to their popular "X" series cameras.
Photos: Fujifilm 

Photos: Fujifilm 

Looks like the X-T1 will become its own category in their "X" line of cameras with a new model called the X-T10. Focusing on size+performance, the new camera has an even smaller body than its older sibling and introduces an all-new auto-focusing system with wide/tracking modes to easily get you a sharp, in-focus shots of moving objects.

Inside, the camera features their APS-C X-Trans 16.3 megapixel sensor and an extensive list of features ideal to any photo enthusiast. Other details include die-cast magnesium construction, EVF, 3-inch 920K-dot tilting LCD monitor, built-in WiFi, their popular film simulation modes, and a full HD video mode.

$799-$1100, available for pre-order at

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