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Fujifilm brings nightvision to the X-T1

The XT-1 adds infrared to its utility belt.
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Photo: Fujifilm

Photo: Fujifilm

The X-T1 has proven itself to be one of the best cameras on the market and certainly a favorite of the mirrorless crowd. Today, Fuji is bringing a big new feature to the camera that should help you on the occasional reconnaissance mission. The new X-T1 IR is the infrared version of their already feature-packed camera adding the ability to see light sources normally unseen by the human eye.

Aside from the IR feature, the X-T1 is virtually the same camera. You get the X-Trans 16 Megapixel sensor, weather resistance, built-in EVF, WiFi, and the weather-resistant body. And of course, compatibility with Fuji's incredible lens options.

Available this October, Fujifilm

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