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Focal's Utopia III line undergoes its latest evolution

The French audio company releases the Utopia III Evo.
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Focal Utopia III Evo

Launched in 2008, Focal's Utopia III has built a loyal following of audiophiles with powerful sonic performance. This year, Focal is introducing the next generation of the Utopia III line with the new Evo. Available in a Maestro (above) and Scala version, the speakers hit shops this fall with all their latest technology while keeping its signature sound profile. 

New features include a Neutral Inductance Circuit and Tuned Mass Damping suspension, which both work to reduce distortion and helps enhance the mid-range. Other new features include bi-amplification, which separates the bass and treble registers, French-made cables, denser acoustic materials in the subwoofer, and double terminal boards and separate crossovers.

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