Eyefi's new mobiPRO Wireless SD Card

The definitive WiFi SD card goes pro.
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Photo: Eyefi

Photo: Eyefi

If you're still using a camera without built-in WiFi, you'll be happy to know that Eyefi has released a new and improved version of their wirelessly-enabled SD card with the new Eyefi mobiPRO. If you've used an Eyefi in the past, then you're probably wondering about one thing: Can you now select the photos that are transferred? And the answer is a big YES. 

The new 32GB card allows for selective transfer so you can finally choose what goes across without having to send every single photo. You can also transfer all of your RAW photos and the mobiPRO can now connect to your home network for faster image transfers. 

$100, available now at eyefi.com.

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