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Designed by many AL13 v3 for the iPhone 6

Sleek and svelte protection for your iPhone.
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Photo: Designed by many

Photo: Designed by many

Apple was definitely onto something when they released their bumper for the iPhone 4. Unfortunately their bumpers don't exist anymore, but when you've got precision-made aerospace aluminum to fill that void, there's definitely no reason to complain. Designed by many's AL13 v3 bumper follows the curved, capsule-like form of the iPhone 6 creating a protective barrier and a thin and lightweight footprint.

The screw-less design comes in five colors for both the iPhone 6 and 6+ and features a shock absorbent, anti-scuff lining. It's a solid choice for those of you who want to protect your phone while doing with a low-profile design that still offers heavy duty protection. 

Available for $79.99 at

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