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Denon AVR-5308CI

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If you won't settle for anything less than HD, you're going to want Denon's latest AV receiver, the AVR-5408CI at the core of your home theatre. The AVR-5408CI has six HDMI (HDMI 1.3a certified) inputs, which should be more than enough to enjoy all your gaming, video, and audio in its full HD-goodness. The receiver also uses the Realta HQV chipset which lets you upconvert any analog source to 1080p resolution. You can even plug a Hard Drive or digital music player into the unit's USB ports and control your music library directly from the receiver. Other features include Dolby and DTS HD audio decoding, Wi-fi and ethernet music streaming, and XM, HD, and AM/FM radio tuning. [$5200]

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