Canvas aims to one-up the soundbar with bigger sound and 3D audio - Acquire
Canvas Audio Colors

Canvas is rethinking how all-in-one audio should be with a HiFi Audiostand that's designed for OLED TVs. Canvas will first be available for 55" and 65" LG OLED B and C Series TVs from 2016-2019 and support for other bezel-less OLED displays could happen with a different mounting bracket. As for performance, the speaker features two High End SB Acoustics long excursion 6" drivers, two ring radiator drivers with non-resonant rear chambers, and a 4 channel HiFi amplifier with 200W of power. This is all coupled with a BACCH 3D system to produce a stereo image of 10-12 feet from a compact package. It's also compatible with all your favorite streaming technologies such as AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and Bluetooth. 


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