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Canon RF 800mm and 1200mm

Whether you're shooting wildlife, photojournalism, or sports, Canon is bringing two long-awaited focal lengths to its RF system to tackle all those needs with an 800mm and a 1200mm telephoto lens. Weighing just 6.9 lbs, the RF800mm 5.6 L IS USM has a minimum focusing distance of 8.53ft/2.6m and close-up magnification of 0.34x. It also features 4.5 stops of shake correction and can boost its focal length to 1,600mm with an extender. The RF1200mm F8 L IS USM weighs 7.4 lbs and features a minimum focusing distance of 14.1ft/4.3m, 4.0 stops of shake correction, and can boost its focal length up to 2,400mm with an extender. 

Available this May. 


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