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The new benchmark for low-light sensitivity, Canon's ME20F-SH

The camera giant reveals a gamechanger in sensor technology.
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Photo: Canon

Photo: Canon

While everyone is trying to get as much resolution as technologically possible into a sensor, Canon has decided to bring some of fits focus to low-light sensitivity with what will be a gamechanger of a video camera, the ME20F-SH. Targeted at the professional market, the camera is capable of shooting at an insane ISO equivalent of more than 4,000,000. Couple that with a drone and you have the ultimate aerial nighttime setup.

Though it doesn't shoot 4K, Canon was able to achieve this with full 1080P HD resolution and don't worry, the sensor is more than capable. They've packed a 35mm full-frame inside the body and the lens mount is compatible with their vast library of Canon lenses. All that tech isn't cheap, the camera will hit shelves later this year for $30,000.

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