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Canon and Fujifilm are making it easy to radically upgrade your webcam setup

Overkill? Probably.
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If you're struggling to find a good webcam because of stock shortages or your built-in webcam is stuck in 720p, Fuji and Canon have some new software that will let you turn their cameras into the ultimate webcam. Canon's Webcam Utility Beta is available for the Mac and Windows and lets you use recent camera models such as the 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark IV, and the 6D Mark II as well as select mirrorless cameras and Powershot models as a high-quality webcam. Fuji's X Webcam software is currently limited to Windows users and is compatible with their medium format GFX cameras and models like the X-H1, X-Pro 3 and 2, and the X-T 4,3, and 2 cameras. /

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