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Bragi's new Dash Pro might be the first step towards a real Universal Translator

The ambitious headphones get a much needed redesign.
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Bragi Dash Pro

Bragi's Dash headphones have just gotten a whole hell of a lot smarter with an updated design that not only improved the connection and sound quality, but most impressively it brings with it real time translation. The company has teamed up with iTranslate that allows a person to speak into your smartphone and translate those words and relay them to your headphones. You'll also be able to have your own speech translated and up to 40 languages are supported. 

The Dash Pro will include a carrying case that gives it up to five charges for a total of 30 hours of power. A single charge gets you about five hours of usage. It also has 4GB of onboard storage so you can leave your phone at home and listen to uploaded tracks. For those who want a more customized fit, Dash will be working with Starkey Technologies to crate a pair that fits your ears perfectly. This not only gives you the most comfortable fit possible, but optimizes the sound quality and gives you perfect sound isolation. 


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