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Blue Mo-Fi Headphones

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These may very well be the smartest pair of over the ear cans we've seen in a long time. Blue, known for their popular microphone line, launches Mo-Fi, a new Hi-Fi headphone with a unique fit system and built-in amps for the best sound possible.

The first thing you notice when you see these headphones is the unconventional headband architecture which swaps out the traditional one-size-fits-all idea for something a bit more clever. First up is the adjustable tension knob that allows you tighten and loosen the tension of the headband which is coupled with a multi-jointed construction that adjusts itself to fit most head shapes and sizes. You can also adjust the height of the cups and because of the customized fit you get the best seal possible which gives you better isolation and better sound quality. They also have three all-analog modes with a built-in amp for natural, high quality sound or switch it into the On+ mode for deeper bass.

$349, Mo-Fi

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