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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

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Beyerdynamic delivers its answer to the so-called "premium" sound delivered by the growing chaos of co-branded celebrity headphones with their Custom One Pro. One thing you can already count on with Beyerdynamic, is that we're talking about well, Beyerdynamic. The company has been an audiophile favorite for many years and their latest headphone brings that expertise to what is now a rapidly evolving landscape. The Custom One Pro isn't only customizable in its design, but its audio profile can be adjusted via a "sound slider" that changes the sound based on your listening preferences or music choices. The headphones are powered by 16-Ohm drivers which have a frequency response of 5-30,000Hz and a variable noise reduction system keeps you immersed in your music without the need for battery-based noise cancellation. $249, Beyerdynamic

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