BeoSound Shape might just be the ultimate home setup for the design conscious

The system is built to look good and sound good in virtually any room setup.
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Bang & Olufsen Shape

You can always expect something unique with every Bang & Olufsen release and this time they've announced one of their most interesting designs yet, the BeoSound Shape. Shape consists of geometric "tiles" that features an amplifier tile, speaker tile, and damper tile that can be combined in multiple ways to create different patterns or more powerful speaker systems. You can build Shape out to a maximium of 44 speakers and the ten available Kvadrat fabric colors help create a unique look to match any room.

The speakers can also be set up in a multi-room arrangement and music is streamed wireless to the speakers via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and your favorite streaming service. You can even complement your system with dampers to better adjust to be poor room acoustics and you can use them to hide cables, power adapters, and power strips to maintain a clean look.

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