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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50 Acoustic Lens

Bang & Olufsen has a new flagship speaker called the BeoLab 50 that wraps 2,100 watts of power in a stunning structure of oak wood lamelas and aluminum. On top of the speaker is an acoustic lens that rises from the surface to reveal its moving 'cheeks' that contract to narrow its sound beam onto a sweet spot and can also readjust itself to better fill a room full of people. 

An external microphone connected to the loudspeaker enables the BeoLab's Active Room Compensation to properly tailor its sound based on the profile of the room. When it comes to power, the speaker features one 3/4 tweeter, three 4" midrange drivers, and three 10" woofers. All those drivers are backed by seven 300 watt amplifiers so you can plug right in and get the best sound possible without any additional components.

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