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AUX Level

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At first glance you'll notice the AUX Level's simplistic and minimalist exterior. There are no visible buttons, no iPod dock, and there isn't even any visible branding. So what do you get exactly? First, a little background. AUX is a project inside of Italian parent company, Outline, who is a concert audio specialist that have taken their expertise in building large scale concert sound systems into the home. Continued...

Over the past couple of weeks we've been listening to an AUX Level and the experience is akin to trying Kobe Steak for the first time after eating Salisbury steak your whole life. What they've done here is carefully engineer a 400 watt amp and speaker drivers capable of covering a wide sound spectrum that accurately reproduces sound without any DSP doohickeys or sound processing tricks that "enhance" or "optimize" your music.

In all of our music tests, The Level produced sound that was clean and remarkably crystal clear. The broadband speakers went to work bringing out details in songs we never noticed before, adding noticeable impact to every musical detail and giving color to instruments that would normally get lost in a less capable speaker.

From the bass heavy beats of Dr. Dre to the wail of Jimmy Page's Guitar, every note and and nuance is nurtured and catered to. And you better believe this thing can get loud. The Level will fill a large room and shake it without breaking a sweat.

You probably already figured that this kind of quality comes at a price and the Level isn't exactly your run of the mill $300 iPod speaker. Pricing starts at $2500 and tops out at three grand for a special edition artist model. And that's a pretty significant chunk of change for most, but believe us when we say its worth every single penny.


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