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Apple's WWDC Announcements | What You Need to Know

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Leading off with a beautifully designed mission statement, Apple opened WWDC with much fanfare and a whole lot of love for its home state of California, and some gargantuan software and hardware announcements.

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Mac Pro

The long awaited replacement for the Mac Pro made a huge splash with its compact, monolithic design that houses a impressive array of tech. Inside you'll find a ton of power and I/O including next gen Intel Xeon technology, Thunderbolt 2 ports, flash storage, heaps of bandwidth, external expansion and dual workstation GPUs from AMD. It will also be one of the first products assembled by Apple in the USA.


OS X Mavericks

The latest version of their desktop OS gets new features and a new naming scheme themed to California, OS X Mavericks. Mostly iterative rather than a full-on UI redesign, the OS gets refined and improved with new features such as file tagging, window tabs, and an enhanced version of Mission Control for multiple screens. Also new is a version of Maps for the desktop, a speedier version of Safari, a redesigned calendar, and iBooks for the desktop. Available Fall.


MacBook Air Haswell

The MacBook Air gets a big boost in the battery department via Intel's latest and efficient Haswell chipset. The new Haswell helps the new 11 inch Air (starts at $999) get 9 hours of battery life and the 13 (starts at $1099) gets an incredible 12 hours of power.


iTunes Radio

Apple delivers its full on assault on Spotify and services such as rdio with a streaming service of their own, iTunes Radio. Available for free this fall, the service boasts Siri integration, compatibility with all your devices, personalization, and a seamless connection to your current library.



iOS 7 gets a head to toe revamp with the rumored "flat" design making its full debut. Apps such as the camera, weather, and notification features get a streamlined, minimal look that has been spearheaded by none other than Jony Ive. Our favorite? Control Center. A slide out menu that gives you instantly toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, and essential features such as a flashlight, calculator, and camera.

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