Apple gives their AppleTV set-top a much needed overhaul

Apple's "hobby" finally gets the overhaul it deserves.
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Photo: Apple

Photo: Apple

Once called their "hobby" business, Apple TV is getting a big overhaul bringing the content experience from your iPhone to the big screen. You'll be able to enjoy all your shows, movies, and now games, apps, and even shopping. The company has created an all new remote called the "Siri Remote" that connected to the box via Bluetooth 4.0 and lets you swipe through your content, act as a game controller, and the Siri integration lets you navigate through Apple TV with your voice. 

You can even charge the controller via Lightning, which you won't need to do much of as Apple has stated you'll get months of battery life on a single charge. The new Apple TV will come in two models: 32 and 64GB variants and will hit stores in late October. 

$149-$199, Apple

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