Apple introduces its smart speaker, HomePod

The speaker sets its sights on Amazon Echo and Google Home.
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Apple HomePod

It's not everyday that Apple gets into a new hardware category and this year they've set their sights on the growing smart speaker business with the HomePod. Apple is taking a music-first approach with the speaker with a set of seven beamforming tweeters that can produce 360 degrees of sound. The speaker automatically reads the room setup and adjusts the acoustics accordingly. 

It also features a six-microphone array to enable seamless voice controls via Siri even when the speaker is at a loud volume. Of course, you have Siri at your disposal so you can use Apple's AI to navigate your music, control your smart home setup, or use it to get the news, measurements, or answers for general knowledge. 

HomePod will be available this December. 


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