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Analogue counters Nintendo with their Nt mini

The new NES Classic is great, but this is for the true Nintendo die-hards.
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Photo: Analogue

Photo: Analogue

Nintendo has been receiving a lot of attention lately with Pokemon Go and most recently, the re-introduction of the NES with their Classic Edition. Analogue is taking that idea one step further with a new version of the Nt. The Nt mini shrinks the original design by 20% and instead of being limited to just 30 gaming titles like the new NES, this will give you the ability to play every single game in the original NES library. 

That amounts to 2000+ games from both the NES and Japanese Famicom. You'll also get HDMI for 1080p resolution, RGB, Component, S-Video, and Composite video output options. Video settings can be tweaked in-game for the perfect image on your specific set and you get 4 original controller ports for compatibility with all the Nintendo controllers and aftermarket compatibility with wireless controllers. 


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