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Amazon updates its best selling Kindle with a sharper screen and a lower price

The best e-reader on the market is now available for one hell of a deal.
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Photo: Kindle 

Photo: Kindle 

The Kindle Paperwhite has been a huge success for Amazon and today they're taking it even further with a few updates and everything you love about their Kindle e-readers at a lower price. The biggest upgrade is a new and improved screen that gives the Paperwhite twice the pixel density (300 ppi) which now matches its big brother, the Voyage. 

It also debuts a new font called Bookerly which was designed from the ground up to improve your reading experience and helps to reduce eyestrain and increases reading speed. As usual, you'll get Amazon's huge book library and their incredible battery life that gives you up to six weeks of power on a single charge. The new Paperwhite will cost $119 for the Wi-Fi model and $189 with 3G. 

Available for pre-order (ships June 30th) at

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