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Amazon Echo

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The most interesting piece of technology to come out of Amazon this year isn't their phone or Kindle devices, it's something they're calling Echo. So what the hell is it? Echo is an always-on, digital assistant like Siri, but closer to the devices you would imagine every home would have in the future.

You can ask Echo virtually anything. Questions about the weather, an encyclopedia query, playing music, or even adding to your shopping list. It does this in a compact unit that is designed to work with your voice whether near or far from it and instantly activates just by saying the wake word "Alexa." Echo features 2.5 woofer, 2.0 inch tweeter, and reflex port for big, clear audio and Bluetooth lets you stream music from your favorite services. Echo is currently available by invitation only and for a limited time Prime members can purchase an Echo for just $99.

$199, Amazon

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