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Acquire Approved | The Boombotix REX

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There are a ton of wireless speakers on the market these days and we've tried our fair share of speakers, but one little box caught us by surprise recently and its quickly become a favorite here at Acquire. We're talking about the Boombotix REX, an impressive piece of hardware from a talented crew in San Francisco's Mission District who wanted to engineer a wireless speaker that not only could outperform the Jamboxes of the world, but deliver big, booming sound while on the go.


And boy did they deliver. Packed in an unassuming, soft-touch hexagon, the REX houses two 36" drivers and a bass woofer that makes for one loud, thumpy little beast. They've also ruggedized the REX with a durable housing and rain/snow resistance that makes it the perfect ghetto blaster for powder days on the mountain and just in case someone needs to reach you, it has full-on noise-cancelling speakerphone those impromptu conference calls while you're bombing down a double black diamond. All in all, you have a few great options for portable wireless speakers, but if you're talking about size, performance, and all around utility, the REX is a hard one to beat. $130, Boombotix

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