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2015 Rewind | Sony unleashes a behemoth of a camera, the RX1R II

Is Sony the new Leica?
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Photo: Sony

Photo: Sony

Sony's camera division has been shaking up the camera industry left and right and this year they truly outdid themselves with their Leica-beating RX1R II.

Sony's got an answer for the Leica Q and it is a godzilla of a camera. They've shoved 42 megapixels into their RX1 body with the RX1R II. They've taken what was great about the original and amplified it in a huge way with that same compact body and a full-frame sensor that can keep up with the best DSLRs out there.

If you're a current RX1 user, all your wishlist items are here: built-in pop-up OLED EVF, a tilting LCD, snappier Auto-Focus with 399 focus points, Wi-Fi and NFC, and that same, incredible 35mm f/2 Zeiss lens. It also features a world's first, an optical variable low-pass filter that reduces moire and color artifacts for the best image possible.

$3,300, B&H Photo

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Sony unleashes a behemoth of a camera, the RX1R II

Time to step it up, Leica.


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