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Zero's new ZRO line of luggage focuses on form and function

Organization-obsessed travelers will want to check this one out.
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Photo: Zero Halliburton

Photo: Zero Halliburton

Zero Halliburton was pretty obsessive with the details on their new ZRO line of luggage. Starting with its Makrolon construction, the exterior is not only lightweight and shock-resistant, but is also textured to reduce any scratches or abrasion. Those lines that run up and down the surface aren't just for looks either, they're structural and add strength to the shell. 

Instead of leaving the zippers exposed, Zero shielded them with a metal cover that also protects the TSA combination locks. Inside, the luggage features a fully-lined interior that has an array of different pockets of for organizing small accessories while flat panels keep your clothes tidy and secure. 


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