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The Zenith Elite 6150

Back to basics.
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Photos: Zenith

Photos: Zenith

Zenith is taking it back to its core and letting its engineering do the talking. Their new Zenith Elite is beautiful and tasteful watch on its own, but behind the scenes is one of their most impressive mechanicals to date, the Elite 6150.

Photo: Zenith

Photo: Zenith

Based on their Elite caliber that launches in 1994, the new movement has undergone a big upgrade and it was the company's mission get all the basics absolutely perfect, but at the same time add a second barrel to double the power reserve. 

They did exactly that and were able to squeeze in a power reserve that will keep the watch ticking for 100 hours. They accomplished this with 195 components while keeping it 3.92 mm thin so it would be able to fit inside their ultra slim stainless steel case. 

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