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Zegna 10-Pocket Jacket

Meet the sartorial equivalent to Inspector Gadget.
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Photo: Zegna 

Photo: Zegna 

If you're the type of guy who just can't have enough pockets you should probably rethink what you need to carry on you on a daily basis, but if you must carry it all then Zegna's got one of the slickest solutions for your personal storage dilemma. 

Underneath Zegna's immaculate tailoring, the jacket hides several internal pockets for everything from your smartphone, your travel documents, your business cards, sunglasses, pens, and more. You've also got a wrinkle-free fabric that also happens to be a perfect, all-season weight making for a versatile blazer that's ready for any occasion. 

$2295, available now at

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