Worn & Wound releases a military-style nylon strap that's made entirely in the USA

Every single element is sourced and manufactured here in the US.
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Worn and Wound ADPT Strap

The ADPT strap from Worn & Wound is far from your average military-style nylon strap. They embarked on a mission to create a strap that's made entirely in the USA and it took them three years to pull it off. The strap is comprised of a custom-woven, 1.5mm thick 420D nylon, custom 316L stainless steel hardware, and thread that's sourced from a 120 year old manufacturer in North Carolina. Even the packaging is made in the USA. It also features a security-band that will keep your watch from falling off in the event a spring bar pops out or breaks. 

The straps are available in Black, Coyote, Forrest, Navy, and Sage and come in 18, 20, and 22mm sizes. 

$42, wornandwound.com

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