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Vocier streamlines your travels with their Avant luggage collection

The company's new luggage is all about modularity and configurability.
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Vocier Avant

As any frequent traveler knows, packing smarter and packing lighter is always the way to go. Vocier complements those ideas with their modular Avant collection. Every piece in the collection is designed to work together seamlessly with a carry-on bag at the core of the line that features a magnetic and mechanical latching technology called Interlink to easily remove and attach bags and accessories. 

For example, you could quickly attach an Avant holdall or briefcase to the front of the bag as well as a travel wallet that can secure to the handle so you can have quick access to all your travel documents. As for the carry-on itself, the roomy 7 lb suitcase has 37L of storage and features a removable Zero Crease compartment to keep your clothing wrinkle-free, an extra-wide magnesium handlebar that also frees up storage space, and a four-wheel system with sealed Inox steel bearings for smoother travel over a variety of surfaces.


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