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Urwerk revisits the UR-105 with a new bronze case

Just imagine what this will look like with a good amount of wear.
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Urwerk UR105 Maverick Bronze

It's no surprise that many watchmakers have been embracing bronze. The patina that happens with bronze is truly something to behold and for those who love a bit of wear and tear on their gear, bronze definitely stands out when compared to gold or silver. Urwerk is using the precious metal on the bezel of its latest version of the UR-105 and it is quite the stunner. The watch case itself is made out of titanium and the movement is Urwerk's UR 5.03 that features rotating satellite hours and has a power reserve of 48 hours. 

Production will be limited to 22 watches.

CHF 67,000 (approx. $68,188),

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