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Urwerk and Emmanuel Esposito team up to mix knife making and haute horology

The case of the watch features a colorful mother of pearl inlay.
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Urwerk UR-T8 Colibri

If you're familiar with Urwerk then you probably know that mother of pearl isn't a material that's typically found on their high-tech watches. The company has teamed up with luxury knifemaker Emmanuel Esposito to create a one-of-a-kind set with mother of pearl detailing. The unique 'Colibri' set will include the UR-T8, which has a cover that has been decorated with a colorful mother of pearl inlay that has a striking contrast against the black, knurled surface. It also comes with a meticulously crafted knife with a handle that features the same mother of pearl inlays and a knurling pattern just like the watch. Each piece of mother of pearl is connected via 18k gold pins and has an outline made out of vintage black bakelite.

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