Uniform Wares adds the accuracy of PreciDrive to its M42 Chronograph - Acquire
Uniform Wares M42 PreciDrive Titanium Mesh Bracelet

The Uniform Wares M42 Chronograph checks off two important boxes that any good watch should have and that's good design and a reliable movement. There's no argument that the M42 is a beautiful watch and now it's receiving an upgraded PreciDrive Quartz movement, which is said to be the most accurate quartz chronograph movement on the market. The company is the first independent watchmaker to use the movement and has features like a five-year battery life and it's accurate to +/-10 seconds per year. It also comes on their unique titanium mesh bracelet, which is made in London and is created using laser fusion additive manufacturing. 

$893-$1,128, uniformwares.com

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