TSOVET's stylish sub-$300 Summer Watches - Acquire

TSOVET's stylish sub-$300 Summer Watches

A look at TSOVET's affordable new summer collection.
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Photo: TSOVET 

Photo: TSOVET 

So you've got an extra $350 laying around. Do you go and buy and Apple Watch or do you go the analog route and buy something that won't go obsolete in a year or two. If the latter sounds more appealing then you'll want to give TSOVET's latest offerings a look. 

They've updated a few of their existing pieces with some bright hits of colors that have definitely stolen our attention. Our favorite of the bunch is the beautifully simple SVT-SC38 with its mint green minute track and second hand and the classic mesh steel bracelet. 

There's also a new solid red and solid blue dial option that's available in the SVT-SC38 and the 36mm JPT-PW36.

$225-$250, available now for pre-order at tsovet.com

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