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TravelTeq The Trip

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When TravelTeq started designing "The Trip" ($780-$910) the company set out to design the smartest piece of luggage out there and you know what, they did. The carry-on roller has an impressive set of features that should impress any serious traveler. First of all the front panel is a kangaroo compartment that swings out and features a dedicated slot for your laptop, phone, newspaper, etc.. Second, notice the angle of the design? Well, its shaped that way to provide you a seat when the airport gets a little out of control (Don't worry about breaking it, the seat is made out of reinforced aluminum). You can even remove the textile portions and customize the look of it. Still not impressed? How about the option to have a built-in speaker system and a port for charging your phone if it runs out of juice? If that doesn't sell you, we don't know what will. Link


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