Timex reissues one of their first quartz-powered watches

It's hard to go wrong with Timex's new $179 diver-inspired travel watch.
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Timex Q

There are plenty of ways to spend thousands of dollars on a beautiful travel watch, but if you're not ready to invest away your hard-earned money, Timex has a new watch that'll look great and perform well and it only costs $179. The watch we're talking about is the Q Timex, a reissue of one of their first quartz-powered watches from 1979. The company recreated all the classic details such as the woven steel bracelet, the battery hatch that makes it easy to swap out watch batteries at home, and a rotating 12-hour bezel. Other details include a 38mm case, a "Pepsi"-colored bezel, luminsecent-painted hands, and a modern quartz movement. 

$179, timex.com

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