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The Tempus Machina REF. 216A

A retromodern throwback to the Rolex of old.
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Photo: Tempus Machina 

Photo: Tempus Machina 

If there's one request that is made by the legion of Rolex enthusiasts, it's that the company go back to the vintage designs and details that have become a favorite of collectors worldwide. Tempus Machina is answering that call with a vintage-style Submariner based on today's 114060. 

Tempus Machina's REF. 216A is a love letter to the Rolexes of old, a careful and comprehensive tweaking of a modern Submariner into the watch many of us wish existed today. 

Details include a refinished dial to echo the brand's classic gilt dials, a custom porcelain red triangle insert at 12 o’clock, refinished lugs with 1.25mm lugholes that can accept vintage 2mm spring bars, and a "coin-edge" bezel. They've even had a custom domed sapphire crystal created and sourced original, unused 8mm wide “Brevet” crowns to complete that classic look. 

The watch will be limited to 50 pieces and is available for $25,000 at

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