Tempus Machina pays tribute to the 3-6-9 Submariner - Acquire

Tempus Machina pays tribute to the 3-6-9 Submariner

A perfect blend of vintage and modern.
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Tempus Machina Rolex 3-6-9

Photo: Tempus Machina

Rolex customizer Tempus Machina releases their second watch, a follow up to their 216A that switches it up with a style that references a fan-favorite, the 1960s pointed crown guard 5512 Submariner. The Tempus Machina 809H takes that idea and merges the vintage styling with the modern 114060 Submariner creating a watch that Rolex should be making today. 

The watch comes complete with a gilt dial featuring the classic 3-6-9 numerals while the lugs have been slimmed down just a touch to balance out the proportions. The watch will be available in a limited run of 30 pieces and is available for order on July 25th. 


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