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Taylor Stitch 14.25 Oz. Cone Mills Denim

Stop what you're doing and buy these.
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Photo: Taylor Stitch

Photo: Taylor Stitch

If you had plans to hit the shops this week to grab a new pair of jeans, cancel those plans and point your cursor over to Taylor Stitch. They've just put up a great pair of jeans for pre-order and it's simply too good of a deal to pass up.

Their 14.25 Oz. Cone Mills denim are exactly as the name describes and are made right here in the State of California. Available in a democratic or slim fit, these jeans cost just $75 if you commit to the presale price. Retail will be $98 which is still a great deal, but for $75 you're getting some of the best denim America has to offer. 

Available now for pre-order at

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