Taylor Stitch helps celebrate over a century of denim mastery

Celebrating Cone Mills' White Oak factory’s 110th Anniversary.
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Photo: Taylor Stitch

Photo: Taylor Stitch

Cone Mills is doing something pretty special to celebrate the 110th Anniversary of its White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina. The denim manufacturer is bringing back a natural, plant-based indigo dye process to create a new 13.25oz selvage. They teamed up with Stony Creek Colors of Nashville who created a scalable, natural dye that's sourced from American plants to create that beautifully blue finish. 

One company who's gotten ahold of the exclusive denim is San Francisco's Taylor Stitch, who will be using this special selvage in their 110 Year Denim Collection that will feature a jacket and a jean, both of which are handmade in California. 

$168-$198, taylorstitch.com

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