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Tanner Goods Taiga & Tundra Rucksacks

The Oregon favorite updates its Rucksacks with two new color block styles.
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Photo: Tanner Goods

Photo: Tanner Goods

Out of all the Tanner Goods bags, we've always had our eyes on their beautifully crafted Rucksacks. The heavy duty bags are some of the most handsome bags on the market and their rugged construction is ready for years and years of use. 

They've added a couple of new bags to the lineup and we can't take our eyes off of them. The Taiga and Tundra bags are crafted from 18 oz. waxed filter twill (Tundra) or 18 oz. cotton canvas (Taiga). Both feature Horween leather trim and premium wool felt. The bags are finished with brass hardware and inside you'll find a wool felt compartment for your laptop and leather-lined pockets for all your other items.

$400, available at

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