Stone Island Shadow Project plays with textures and vibrant colors for Spring/Summer '16

The futuristic line debuts its sixteenth collection.
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Photo: Stone Island

Photo: Stone Island

Stone Island's futuristic sibling is going into its sixteenth collection this year and for Spring/Summer '16 the pieces continue the line's trademark fashion-forward styling:

 "6419 explores the language of apparel on a scalar level. Complexity is introduced to pattern via coincidence and transformation. Internal and external spaces encroach on each other as structure is disassembled and everted. Texture is granular and processed; sampled at high resolution then blurred and softened by mechanical functions. The capsule is dynamic, wearable, and enlivened by contrasts as only the sixteenth Stone Island Shadow Project collection can be.

Lightweight, smooth, and cool to the touch; materials are tuned for optimal fair weather use. Soft and flowing, or crisp and sharp, they play with contrasts and expectations while ensuring comfort and ease.
Colour is the keystone that anchors the material spectrum. Deep colours and shimmering highlights underpin layered graphical treatments, or diffuse texture and shape."

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