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Shinola introduces the Runwell Moon Phase

Shinola's signature watch goes lunar.
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Photo: Shinola 

Photo: Shinola 

There's just something about a moon phase complication on a watch. It's not entirely necessary, but there's something so elegant and whimsical about having the ability to track the lunar phases and its a good thing to have in case you need a warning indicator to alert you before you turn into a full blown mythical creature. 

All joking aside, Shinola's Runwell Moon Phase is a new version of their signature timepiece with a beautifully designed lunar aperture at the center of dial. The complication tracks the phases from waxing to waning and that's all powered by the Detroit-built Argonite 708.1 movement. The watch comes in 41mm or 47mm case sizes and a alligator leather strap. 

$800-$850, available at

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